A Journey Through the Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast and Red Carpet Revue

Join us on a journey through the grandest Le Vian jewelry event of the year.


This weekend, Levianistas all around the world tuned into the Le Vian 2023 Trend Forecast and Red Carpet Revue!



The exciting events took place in The Venetian Resort in Las Vegas. The annual JCK Convention began the festivities, with a week of inspiring education, networking, entertainment, business, and community aiming to shape the future of the jewelry industry. The JCK Convention makes up three exciting floors of jewelers, events, shows, and more!



Each year, Le Vian takes part in JCK with a ballroom of their own, inviting industry professionals, retailers, journalists, collectors, and more to take a journey behind the scenes. In this ballroom, collectors shop for exclusive and one-of-a-kind pieces, speak in interviews, take photos and strike a pose, and get makeovers from makeup artists. Meanwhile, journalists attend press conferences with the Le Vian team to learn more about our jewelry and the forecasted trends! 



In the ballroom, the walls portray our most stunning couture pieces from our High Jewelry Collection, like The Claire and The Anais




Exclusive couture pieces and sets are displayed in cases around the room.



There’s even a floral Beautiful Creations wall to take photos at!



In another ballroom collectors get their glam on. Each collector chooses their favorite trend, and professional makeup artists create a makeup style inspired by it!

Throughout the day, you can catch Albany Irvin and Le Vian brand ambassadors Hope Woodard and Megan Knutson hosting live shows! These Le Vian TV shows air on Facebook and Instagram, and share sneak peeks of our 2023 trends, High Jewelry Collection, and much more. You can watch them here and stay tuned for new Le Vian TV shows here!

Sunday is the biggest day for Le Vian at the JCK Convention. In The Venetian’s grand and regal Delfino Ballroom, The Red Carpet Revue takes place. Before the big event, everyone culminates outside of the ballroom for wine, hors d’oeuvres, and a walk on the red carpet. On the red carpet, interviews take place, photos are taken, and excitement brews for the Trend Forecast.



Content Creator and Influencer Madi B. Webb is spotted on the Red Carpet, donning The Ava—a stunning and spellbinding one-of-a-kind pair of Le Vian Couture© earrings. This pair features more than 18 carats of Sunny Yellow Diamonds©!



At 4:00, the hosts lead the guests into the Delfino Ballroom. The ballroom is aglow with colored lights. Each table is adorned with 2023 Trend Books and Le Vian gift bags, with decorative butterflies strewn to and fro. Against the wall are photo booths to take photos with the CEO and the man behind Le Vian, Eddie Le Vian!



The room comes to a hush as the event begins. Guests sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation as the lights dim. Avril Graham, Executive Fashion & Beauty Editor of Harper's Bazaar, takes the stage. She introduces Le Vian and the trends in fashion that she forecasts for 2023!



The Le Vian family takes the stage. They tell stories of their rich history and family, and share their kind charitable efforts.



In the most awaited moment of the night, the Le Vian family announces the forecasted trends for 2023. The screen lights up with beautiful videos and tales told by each member of the Le Vian family, introducing the trends we’ve all been waiting for. They are revealed: Alive, Tranquility, Balance, Euphoria, Spontaneity, Optimism, and Strength. Each video shows the breadth of detailed and unique pieces representing each trend.



The stage comes alive with a fashion show to end the night off strong! Each model is styled after a Le Vian 2023 trend, with a stunning outfit inspired by each and curated, elegant Le Vian jewelry to pair. These models represented Balance and Alive (respectively), wearing Costa Smeralda Emerald and nature-inspired pieces.



Andie Weinman and her trained dog, Elvis, make a surprise appearance to honor the Alive trend and Beautiful Creations collection!



The talented and prodigious musician and entertainer, Kodi Lee, performed a beautiful song for the audience. Kodi Lee is 26-years old, blind, and autistic, with an audio photographic memory—which means he can recall music he hears after just one listen!



The Red Carpet Revue commences with an eruption of music and dancing. The guests take photos with each other, the models, and the Le Vian family. After a long night of thrill and excitement, the event is complete. Until next year, Red Carpet Revue! 



What is your favorite part of the Red Carpet Revue? Which Le Vian 2023 Trend is your favorite?