Buzz In The New Year With Le Vian's Bee Jewelry

The cultural significance of bees has long been praised throughout civilizations in human history.

When honey bees collect nectar and pollen as they dance between flowers, what can we learn from them? Also, how important are they to our planet’s ecological balance?

Let’s look at some of the symbolism linked with these lovely little miracles and how it has inspired the design thinking behind Le Vian's jewelry with bees, our dazzling & sugary Bee Positive collection.



Honey Bee Symbolism

Honeybees symbolize prosperity, fertility, strong work ethic, team spirit, productivity, and community devotion.


In Ancient Egypt, the honeybee represented royalty because it was believed that whenever Ra, the Sun God, shed tears — each drop falling on soil would transform into a bee.


Ancient Mesoamericans like Aztecs and Mayans looked at bees as a symbol of abundance and life, while honey represented a sacred gift from the gods.  


In the Old Testament, the promised land of the ancient Hebrews was portrayed as “The gracious land flowing with milk and honey.”


Role Of Bees In Our Ecosystems

Environmental Scientists continue to get stung by bees when it comes to acknowledging their role in our ecosystem and their importance to our planet’s sustainability. 


Through their complex organization and buzzing lifestyle, bees pollinate our flowers, plants, and even trees.


Bees act as organic pollinators, transferring pollen from one plant to the next. They encourage flower biodiversity by fertilizing them, helping reproduction, and even preventing inbreeding.


Le Vian has announced that it will soon be launching a program to help protect our planet’s beautiful bees. We are currently creating initiatives to give back to our beloved Earth, so stay tuned for thrilling news as we buzz in the new year!


Bee Jewelry Meaning

Wearing jewelry with bees can represent cherishing your strong circle of family and friends that love and support you unconditionally. Bee jewelry is also believed to bring good fortune, abundance, and hope to its wearer.


Each buzzing bee jewelry piece is set in rich Honey Gold™, a reminder of the prized gift of honey cultivated with determination and teamwork.


The hive or hexagonal motifs in bee jewelry convey the message of “home is where the heart is,” — reminding us of that one place for which you feel the deepest affection, regardless of how far you are in your journey!


Definition of Buzz: a feeling of excitement, power, and joy that something gives you — and that’s why we’ve created Le Vian’s Bee Positive collection!

Beautiful Honey Bee Rings

The Queen Bee Ring

Le Vian’s Queen Bee ring features Blackberry Diamonds® set in the abdomen while her majestic flapping forewings are decorated with Nude Diamonds™ set in 14K Honey Gold™.


The Honey Bee Ring

This marvelous honey bee ring features an oval-cut Cinnamon Citrine® as the thorax with its wings adorned in Nude Diamonds™ and Chocolate Diamonds®. The bee’s lower body part boasts Blackberry Diamonds® as accents in a gorgeous flyover motion. Set in 14K Honey Gold™.


The Bumble Bee Ring

Le Vian’s bumble bee ring highlights the insect’s symbolic bulbous body with a strip of Chocolate Diamonds®, while the backside and wings dazzle with Nude Diamonds™. The bee sits on a honeycomb setting which also presents Blackberry Diamonds® set in 14K Honey Gold™.


Our Charming Bee Earrings

Loving Bee Stud Earrings

How about this stunning pair of bee stud earrings for a change? Both pieces are decorated with Nude Diamonds™ and Chocolate Diamonds® with their hearts beating for you! Set in 14K Honey Gold™.


Golden Honey Bee Earrings

Le Vian’s Honey Bee Earrings makes a statement that all that glitters is gold set in 14K Honey Gold™ in addition to Cinnamon Citrine and heartwarming Sunny Yellow Diamonds®.


Bumble Bee Hoop Earrings

These fairytale huggie hoop earrings with dangling bumble bee charms are garnished with Chocolate Diamonds®, Blackberry Diamonds®, and Nude Diamonds™, set in 14K Honey Gold™.


Bee Elegant, Wear A Bee Necklace

Queen Bee Necklace

Celebrate your inner-Queenship qualities with this majestic Queen Bee pendant necklace featuring Nude Diamonds™ on the wings and double strips of Chocolate Diamonds® in the abdomen area — set in 14K Honey Gold™.


Honey Bee Gold Necklace

Watching admirers with its playful stare, this gorgeous necklace with bee features uneven round-cut Nude Diamonds™ covering the wings and Blackberry Diamonds® set in 14K Honey Gold.


Buzzing Bee Necklace

Our joyous necklace with bee gives prominence to a pear-shaped Cinnamon Citrine® as the body, and its head is made of appetizing Chocolate Quartz®. Round-cut Nude Diamonds™ encircles both wings for an exquisite pendant finished in 14K Honey Gold™.


Captivating Honeycomb Rings

Gold Honeycomb Ring

A sweet sensation on your finger with Le Vian’s honeycomb ring portraying hexagonal motifs filled with round-cut Nude Diamonds™ set in 14K Honey Gold™.


Honeycomb Bee Ring

Our honeycomb bee ring in 14K Honey Gold™ features the glorious insect with heart-shaped wings covered in Nude Diamonds™.


A Sumptuous Honeycomb Necklace

Strawberry Bee Hive Pendant

Our luxurious bee hive pendant with five round-cut Nude Diamonds™ set in the bail opening suspends the hexagon-shaped center piece. The interior is topped with Chocolate Diamonds® and set in flavorful 14K Strawberry Gold®.


Le Vian Honeycomb Necklace

Le Vian’s honeycomb necklace embodies the sweetness of rocking a stylish piece every day. The pendant features Nude Diamonds™ set in 14K Honey Gold™.

Honeycomb Earrings That Spell Out C-H-I-C

Honeycomb Stud Earrings

Le Vian’s honeycomb earrings are like sugar for your ears, beautifully decorated with Nude Diamonds™ set in 14K Honey Gold™.


Honeycomb Earrings With Bee Charm

Le Vian’s honeycomb earrings feature a playful bee charm in Cinnamon Citrine®, Chocolate Diamonds®, and Nude Diamonds™ — skillfully set in 14K Honey Gold™.


To Bee Continued…

Whether it’s to celebrate a remarkable milestone in your life or to surprise someone you genuinely appreciate with an unforgettable gift, there's a Positive Bee for everyone! 


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