December Birthstone: Deep Sea Blue Topaz™

December Birthstone: Deep Sea Blue Topaz™

Welcome to December! Ring in the holiday season with family, friends, shopping, celebration, and of course…. Le Vian! After a long adventure of a year, the final month is here. Celebrate and reminisce, and meet Le Vian’s December Birthstone: Deep Sea Blue Topaz™!

Blue Topaz is a symbol of warm love and loyalty. It promotes peace, harmony, relaxation, and wisdom, with its grounding and stabilizing depth of blue hues. The gift of a Blue Topaz is a gift of affection and commitment, often towards a beloved family member, adored friend, or romantic partner. When worn around the neck, Blue Topaz is believed to soothe tumultuous emotions and enhance valuable knowledge. 

Hues of Blue  

This gemstone comes in a rainbow of shades, from warm tones like honey yellow and fiery orange to cool tones like icy blue and oceanic blue. Topaz is ‘pleochroic,’ which means that when observed at different angles, it will reflect different colors of light. Blue Topaz can be a light, airy baby blue akin to the sky, an intense blue like the ocean’s depths, or a shade in between. 


Le Vian’s Deep Sea Blue Topaz™ is an intense and passionate shade of blue. It is dark, with radiant angles of light, and tinges of green and turquoise within its complex color. Just like it’s name, it resembles the deep sea and reminds us of the mysterious, beautiful unknown that lies beneath. Deep Sea Blue Topaz™ reminds us of where the ethereal creatures l??ike mermaids, sirens, octopi, and stingrays swim freely… 


The Lore of Blue Topaz 

Topaz has been a treasured gemstone for centuries. The name is believed to come from the word ‘Topazios,’ the old Greek name for an island in the Red Sea. This island, now called Zabargad, is near Egypt and has been a mining site of gemstones for hundreds of years. Today, it is popular for reef explorers and divers, and you can still find small pieces of peridot as you venture. 


Throughout history and all around the world, Topaz has been revered for its many mystical qualities. The Ancient Greeks believed that Topaz gave them strength. Ancient Egyptians worshiped Topaz, which was said to hold mystical powers given by the sun god Ra During the Renaissance in Europe, people believed that Topaz could break magic spells and dissipate anger. In India, people have believed that when worn above the heart, Topaz assures beauty, intelligence, and a long life. In South America, many tribes believed that this gemstone Topaz is even mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible, showing truly how long it has been notable and cherished. 


Le Vian Deep Sea Blue Topaz™ Pieces

One of our signature Deep Sea Blue Topaz™ pieces is this emerald-cut center stone ring. This piece features a grand center stone of an emerald-cut Deep Sea Blue Topaz™, framed by Nude Diamonds™. The band is adorned with decadent Chocolate Diamonds® and crafted with sweet 14K Strawberry Gold®. The center stone is a deep, intense blue that evokes passion and confidence. This ring is perfect for everyday wear, or for special occasions, such as holiday galas and gatherings. View this delight below!


Another one of our signature Deep Sea Blue Topaz™ pieces is this round-cut center stone ring. This ring is an exclusive Le Vian Creme Brulee ring®, featuring a unique statement design. A center stone of Deep Sea Blue Topaz™ is framed by an elegant, ornate floral frame. Within each intricate petal is a round-cut Nude Diamond™, bringing light and radiance to the design. This ring is crafted in Strawberry Gold®, and is a stylish statement ring perfect for accenting any outfit. See this beauty below!


The Deep Sea of December 

This December, treat yourself and your loved ones with the gift of Deep Sea Blue Topaz™. This gemstone is an homage to the cool blues and tones of the winter season, as well as to falling snowflakes and sheets of snow. It is a reminder of the warm, summer months where we make beaches our homes and dive into the deep blue sea in tropical environments. Wherever you wear Deep Sea Blue Topaz™, let it warm you with the memories you cherish.


After a long year of growth, let your mind, body, and soul relax. Embrace soothing, peaceful Deep Sea Blue Topaz™ and be your best, most balanced self. Wellness practices such as meditation and yoga help maintain inner peace. Eating a nutritious rainbow of foods and exploring new cuisines and cultures promotes self-care and good health during the winter season. Gift yourself with Deep Sea Blue Topaz™, the best holiday present, and treasure it during each day of the calm and quiet cool season!