March Charm: Le Vian® Sea Blue Aquamarine™ and Santa Maria Aquamarine™ Birthstones

March Charm: Le Vian® Sea Blue Aquamarine™ and Santa Maria Aquamarine™ Birthstones

Hello, March babies! The month of March represents hope, spring, new beginnings, and the transition into warmth. The end of winter is upon us, and in especially trying times, there is an extra glimmer of optimism in the air. The quality of courage is often ascribed to those born in this bridge month. Taken together, these elements form a recipe for the perfect, dazzling birthstone: aquamarine. 



Stunning aquamarine, a type of beryl that is sister-stones with emerald and morganite, is known and beloved for its incredible transparency and vitreous luster, making it one of the most eye-catching stones to behold (and to collect!). Its striking-yet-soft power-blue color is rarely seen in a jewel, reminiscent of the sky on a perfectly clear day, or of the transparent and still waters of the Mediterranean. In fact, the stone’s name is derived from the Latin for “water of the sea,” dubbed by Roman fishermen who would wear the stones as a good-luck token for safety on the sea and bountiful yields.


Mariama Diallo wears an elegant, emerald-cut Le Vian Aquamarine set.


Legend tells us that aquamarine originated in the treasure chests of mermaids, an allusion to the inherently aquatic nature, beauty, and rarity of this luxe gem. The ancient Egyptians, who were obsessed with beauty, thought that it bestowed everlasting youth, which is why aquamarines are often found in Egyptian tombs. Those who practice spiritual healing believe this to be a soothing stone, resembling the natural calmness of water. It is also fitting that the zodiac sign for the majority of March babies is Pisces--one of only three water signs. This water sign, known for creativity, empathy, and generosity, is perfectly aligned to aquamarine.


This seafoam beauty has played an important role in jewelry history for over a century. From the late 1800s onward, aquamarines took center stage in Art Nouveau, Art Deco, and Retro Era designs, some of the most famous of which have been worn by Queen Elizabeth. From Biblical times until today, aquamarine has maintained its popularity and remains the only gem of its kind.



Found in Madagascar, Russia, Kenya, India, and even right here at home in the midwestern U.S., aquamarine may vary in saturation, tone, and clarity depending on its source. As a versatile designer stone, it lends itself to large sizes, unique cuts, and incorporation into beautifully intricate concepts and color stories. Our ultra-high quality variations of this stunning gem include Le Vian® Sea Blue Aquamarine™ and Santa Maria Aquamarine™. While the Sea Blue™ version is known for its pure clarity, the Santa Maria™, originally discovered in remote Brazil, boasts a deeply saturated blue color.


As with other beryls, aquamarine is a hard and durable stone but must be treated with care. Thanks to its place on the color wheel, aquamarine can act as a neutral, or pair with contrasting stones in red or orange hues for an exquisite and striking statement piece. Just as the month of March, aquamarine is a bridge from the cool to the warm and from one era to the next, making it ideal for year-round, all-occasion wear, and a one-of-a-kind family heirloom.