The Healing Powers of Blueberry Sapphires

Blueberry Sapphire

Sapphires are known to be some of the most valuable precious gemstones in the world, specifically for their rarity, durability, and eye-catching color.  Not all sapphires are the same; in fact, very few share similar characteristics. If you do find two that are the same, they have likely been treated, and as a result are less valuable. Sapphires come in a beautiful array of shades and shapes. This particularly special strain of Blueberry Sapphires is known for its vibrancy, along with its royal blue hue and rich blueberry likeness.


The Significance of Blueberry Sapphires 

Blue sapphires have been significant not only as coveted gemstones for jewelry, but also for their mystical properties. In ancient times, sapphires were associated with gods and goddesses like Venus and Apollo. Sapphires were worn while consulting with oracles in ancient Greece. Later on in history, they were favored by figures such as Helen of Troy and Napoleon.


Members of royal families wore sapphires not only to look impressive and convey wealth, but also to bring social harmony, protect from envy and infidelity, and attract even more wealth to their coffers. The Queen of England still wears her sapphire jewelry to this day!


Perhaps this is the reason that they retain their significance. The rarity and mysticism gives them such an aura of value, so that they fetch extreme prices at auction. They’re worn by some of our most revered public figures, from Princess Diana to Elizabeth Taylor.

Are blue Diamonds Expensive

Many people are rightfully confused when it comes to blue diamonds and sapphires, as they are not the same thing. Natural blue diamonds are very expensive.  However, they are far less expensive when irradiated and even more affordable when synthetic. The price of a natural 1ct blue diamond is $1.2 million while a 1ct irradiated blue diamond is around $800 and a 1ct Synthetic blue diamond only $500. This is all as opposed to sapphires, which are far more affordable in comparison. 


Tapping Into Your Blueberry Sapphire’s Healing Powers

Blueberry Sapphires, with their intense and mesmerizingly dark color, are known to provide mental focus and order, inner vision and psychic awareness. Other properties attributed to the gemstone include contentment, peace, fulfillment, wisdom, insight, wealth, positivity, devotion, integrity and intuition. 


To fully take advantage of your blueberry sapphire’s healing powers, invest in all-natural, untreated sapphires like the beautiful, high-quality gems offered by Le Vian®. Whether you sport your gemstones in rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces, you’re sure to have a head-turning piece of jewelry that compliments any of your favorite looks. Not only do you have a beautiful accent piece, but you also enjoy all the healing properties and benefits. Pretty soon, you’ll start to realize all the great ways your blueberry sapphire is impacting your life and you won’t be able to leave the house without it.